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Ash & Pikachu: Path to Victory by MEGA

Ash & Pikachu: Path to Victory by MEGA

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We're celebrating Pokémon Day with an iconic duo: Ash and Pikachu. For the first time . fans can build a Trainer . and we chose the talented Pallet Town kid who dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Master – and set out from the Kanto region on an amazing series of journeys to make that dream come true. We paired him with his first partner Pokémon . and designed this showstopping set so the two characters can be posed playfully or ready for action in your display.

  • MEGA™ Showcase Pokémon Ash & Pikachu: Path to Victory
  • Includes fully articulated Ash Ketchum and Pikachu figures
  • Our first-ever buildable Trainer is 12.90” tall
  • Features six interchangeable face plates (three for each character)
  • Set includes a trophy . Pokédex . Poké Ball . and potion
  • Display in a decorative environment with nameplate
  • 1 .576-piece set is ideal for adult builders
  • Packaged in an illustrated box . 15.00” H x 8.50” W x 4.75” D
  • Officially licensed by The Pokémon Company International   

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